Reduce Building Expenditure With Preventative Maintenance

Reactive Maintenance is a nightmare scenario, where equipment could fail at any given point in time. A time that could be inconvenient and costly to the building owners and managers. Replacement parts may not be available straight away and it may also be difficult to order them and have them arrive on site while repairs are under way.

The objective of preventative maintenance is to reduce the likelihood of breakdown and failure. It involves regular scheduled tasks to replace worn or inoperative parts. Checks on oil and coolant levels that make machinery run more efficiently. More efficient running equipment means better energy usage.

Maintenance tasks and checks can be scheduled out of hours or at a time that doesn’t interfere with the normal working requirements of a building’s occupants for convenience. Spare parts can be ordered in good time and prepared ready for replacement. Planning definitely can help expenditure and facility management budgets.

Regular preventative maintenance tasks to carry out on a commercial buildings HVAC system would entail:

  • Periodic filter changes, improving IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) and airflow
  • Belt replacement
  • Removing blockages and cleaning traps
  • Cleaning ducts
  • Wiring repairs
  • Fan replacement
  • Coolant level checks

Tools to help preventative maintenance:

  • Digital manufacturer operation and maintenance manuals
  • Maintenance scheduling and record keeping software

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