BIM (Building Information Modeling) Enhanced With AI?

BIM can be defined as the overall digital process for managing a construction project from initial conception and design through to the final phases of completion and construction.

The benefits of BIM (Building Information Modeling) being:

  • Enhanced collaboration between teams
  • Error reduction
  • Higher project quality and production
  • Project simulation including multiple variables and conditions
  • Overall control
  • Conflict resolution

The concept of AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been around for a long time and can even be traced back to the 1940s when scientists wanted to build computers as a likeness to the human brain. Serious research began in 1956 at Dartmouth College with some heavy funding to see whether this concept could eventually become a reality. Today machine learning is all around us. Powerful hardware powering complex algorithms that out perform humans on many levels to make our lives more efficient.

Bring together BIM with AI in a symbiotic relationship within the construction industry and something special happens, which can be summed up with two words ‘Huge Potential’. Our current approach to construction has its roots in the human mind, human aesthetics, human systems. Machines can follow unseen patterns in data. Analyze relationships of building systems on many different levels, efficiencies, inputs and outputs simultaneously. How will buildings look in appearance and perform? One thing can be certain over the next decade we will see some very interesting developments on this front.

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