Energy Saving Through LED Lighting In a Commercial Space

Commercial offices and buildings generally consume large amounts of energy due to inefficient electrical systems. Lighting is one of the most common types of energy wastage in a commercial setting that can spike utility bills, resulting in an inefficient use of resources. While there are various solutions for conserving energy and lowering this expense, perhaps the most common way to curb this energy waste is through smart lighting.

Conventionally used halogen and incandescent bulbs consume a lot of energy to generate light. If you have such lighting installed in your office, then you need to consider alternative lighting options such as LEDs. In comparison to a 70W halogen lamp and a 100W incandescent bulb, an LED would consume a mere 18W for the same luminosity – Surprising? Replacing your existing lighting with LEDs will reduce your consumption by up to 80%.

Another way to reduce energy wastage in commercial spaces is by installing intelligent light control systems, to balance luminosity during the day and night. Commercial businesses can benefit by relying on sunlight during the daytime and conserve energy. All you need to do is install a luminosity sensor to your existing lighting equipment, which would maintain the right balance during the day and night. Secondly, for less visited areas or for areas with frequent short visits, you can install motion sensor lights that is convenient and helps reduce energy wastage.

For commercial buildings and offices, reducing energy consumption is the key to reducing overheads that directly contribute towards higher profit margins. While LEDs are slightly expensive than conventional lighting equipment, they are more of an investment, as they have a longer lifespan and consume only a quarter of the energy. Therefore, the next time you pay off a hefty utility bill, remember that you can save all that money and increase your company’s profits by investing in smart energy solutions.

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